You Get God

We are the people who call ourselves “Christians”. But what does that mean exactly?

Does it mean that I am a church goer? Does it mean that I sing certain songs or read certain books?

Or does it mean that at the core of my identity I am a person who calls Jesus – Lord?

These are the kinds of questions that we have been asking on Wednesday nights as we have been going through a series called “Jesus’ Unexpected Answers”.

One of the most incredible things about following Jesus is that you can know Him. And I mean really know Him.  Yes, it is always a mystery as to what an everlasting God, creator of the Universe is like. But are you satisfied with leaving it a mystery? I hope not.

The truth is that Jesus has shape and form, like a partial glimpse of an incredible work of art that leaves the taste of just enough majesty to keep you fixed on the portion that you can comprehend for a lifetime. And the only glimpse we get at that portrait is His word.

Long story short, this is where we looked at the wonder this week. John 17:1-3

17 When Jesus had spoken these words, mhe lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, “Father, nthe hour has come; oglorify your Son that the Son may pglorify you, 2 since qyou have given him authority over all flesh, rto give eternal life to all swhom you have given him. 3 tAnd this is eternal life, uthat they know you vthe only wtrue God, and xJesus Christ whom you have sent.

(V.1) Who is like this?

Jesus’ prayer that He should be glorified would have been utterly outrageous – Unless He was God.

Isaiah – a book Jesus knew well – says that, “I (God) am the Lord: that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols.” Jesus is asking that He be glorified (celebrated, supremely valued, famed, worshiped) as an equal to God.

If I were to pray that prayer it would be blasphemy.
When we take a glimpse at Jesus’ words we see that He equates Himself with the authority and deserving of the glory of God.

(V.2) The calling of Jesus

Jesus is given the authority over all flesh, and to give eternal life to all whom God gives Him.

What is eternal life exactly?(see verse 3)  Sure, it’s living forever. But for what?

It’s living forever in the presence of God! It’s dwelling forever in perfect peace and infinite joy! Shame – gone. Guilt – gone. Fear – gone.  This an incredible thing!!!

[Pause for a moment, think of the most incredible thing on earth. Don’t think about missing it; think about multiplying it to an unimaginable degree for eternity in the presence of Jesus. In the person of Jesus.]

Jesus is not only God, but He has the authority of God to call whom He will to eternal life. Is He calling you?

What does that mean?

(V.3) Do you know Him?

Jesus says that eternal life mea


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